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Captain Cook Cruises

From the Great Barrier Reef to the bays and beaches of Sydney Harbour to the outback vastness of the Murray River basin, Captain Cook Cruises draws on over 39 years of cruising knowledge to create unique and exciting travel experiences.

Small ship cruising takes you far from the beaten track and close up to places no other kind of cruising can reach. Our ship's small size means it can negotiate narrow waterways, shallow bays and quiet rivers where bigger ships cannot go.

Unlike big ships and large scale international ports, a small ship allows you to experience places where the nature, history and culture remain fresh, where the flood of tourists has not overrun them and will not overrun you. Places where you will meet and interact with the locals and discover how the waterway plays a vital role in their normal day to day lives.

Of course you still enjoy all the comforts larger ships provide: swimming pools, sun decks, bars, quality dining, massage and beauty treatments, entertainment and good company.

We encourage a hands-on approach, but always leave you in charge of your own activity level. If there is a headland to climb or a reef to snorkel, you are invited. If you want to take it easy by the onboard pool, just ask for a towel and maybe grab a thriller from the library.


Supberb dining specialising in fresh local produce is central to life aboard Captain Cook Cruises. Enjoy lavish buffet breakfast, luncheons that feature fresh seafood or an a la carte dinner.

Day cruise menu's vary with the cruise being taken as Captain Cook offer coffee cruises, lunch cruises, evening cruises and all day cruises.


Tipping is always a personal matter and depends on whether you have enjoyed the service you receive. As a general rule, tipping is not necessary.